Roseberry Walk

New Shops Are Built 1964

By Paul Fretwell

The Arrival of a Shopping Parade

These shops were built in 1964.  I used to live in Hazlemere Road and after my Mum died I found a letter in her belongings telling my Dad (who was working away) about some new shops they were building.  The letter was dated June 1964 so I'm assuming these were built that year.

Photo:Roseberry Walk shops 1967

Roseberry Walk shops 1967

Paul Fretwell

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Right down the end down the steps there used to be a toy shop called "Whites Wonderland" (late 60s early 70s)

By Steve Bundy
On 10/02/2013

Steve, in the early 80s Whites Wonderland must have changed to Wings & Wheels, as we often bought toys there for our daughter.

By Eileen Gamble (Editor)
On 10/02/2013

Hello Paul, brings it all back to me. So long ago, I remember you from Hazlemere/Barncombe, near the Hendersons ? In fact I think we are in the same school photo or two (R Drake). :)


By Chris Marsh
On 02/02/2017

Yes Hi Chris I remember you.  Your Dad worked for the GPO. I did a job for an old boy on Canvey a few years back and he also worked for the GPO and knew your Dad.  I've got a good piece of footage showing the Greeves motorcycle factory up the road from here. Shows all those Walls Ice Cream vans that used to be there. It was filmed 1967.

By Paul Fretwell
On 25/09/2017
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