Will H Maile

Resident of Benfleet

By Mark Thres

Resident of Benfleet, but little else known - would welcome further information. Subsequently an S Ackroyd has been in touch to say that Will was one of the illustrators of books written by his father..."Why ask Dad ?" published by Ward Lock in the 1950s being one example.

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Photo:Hoy and Helmet courtesy of Ken Turner

Hoy and Helmet courtesy of Ken Turner

Will H Maile

Photo:St Mary's Church, courtesy of Geraldine Norris (nee Green)

St Mary's Church, courtesy of Geraldine Norris (nee Green)

Photo:Jigsaw picture by Maile

Jigsaw picture by Maile

Tony Stevenson

Photo:Packaging confirms Maile as the artist

Packaging confirms Maile as the artist

Tony Stevenson

Photo:Cover illustration for Benfleet and District Historical Society pamphlet

Cover illustration for Benfleet and District Historical Society pamphlet

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Will Maile painted an oil picture of St Mary's Church which was presented to my parents - Clarice (Queenie) and Bert Green in 1970 when they left Benfleet after many years of service to the church. The picture is signed and on the back is the following information: Will. H. Maile F.R.S.A., 26 Shorefields, Benfleet, Essex. I have a photo of the presentation by Father Alec Banks.

By Geraldine Norris (Green)
On 08/03/2011

He appears to be also credited with a painting which appeared as a jigsaw called "Old London Bridge" in the Philmar Cavalcade series of jigsaw puzzles. I have a picture of the completed jigsaw which I can email if someone wishes to contact me. Regards to all.

By Tony Stevenson
On 15/04/2011

Will H Maile was one of the illustrators of the books for young people written by my father in the 1950s. Of most interest to those researching Maile's work will be "Why Ask Dad?" (London: Warde Locke) and "Ships of the World" (same publishers). It is not certain Maile produced the art work in Ships of the World, because none of it is signed. On the other hand most of the illustrations in WAD are clearly signed by W H Maile.

On 17/12/2012

William Harry Maile was employed by my father, Leslie Branton, at his Commercial art studio at Purdon Chambers, Jameson Street, Hull from 1946. His address was given then as 4 Thoresby St., Hull, and he is listed as a Commercial Artist. I do not know when he left but have a few copies of artwork that he did while he was working there.

By Jill Lamb
On 27/10/2013

I am the late Bill Maile's son in law. His works are on my walls. A great memory of a good and gentle man.

By ken ames
On 06/12/2014

Will H Maile was the illustrator / designer of the Lenny the Lion annuals. A popular TV ventriloquist act.

By ken ames
On 14/12/2014

Dear Mr. Ames,

Thanks for your information!

It would be very good if you can give some further biographical details, such as year of birth and death, schools attended, artist friends etc.



By A. Rikardson
On 28/08/2017