Mr Joyce's memories of HMS London and PQ17

He served in the Royal Navy on the arctic convoys during WW2.

By Phil Coley

During WW2 Benfleet resident Douglas Joyce served in the Royal Navy as a seaman. His service was on the heavy cruiser HMS London.  This article records his service on the Arctic Convoys including PQ17.

Photo:HMS London 27th February 1945

HMS London 27th February 1945

Mr Joyce

HMS London was the flagship for PQ17. Mr Joyce was on the bridge when Admiral Hamilton received the "Convoy is to scatter" message at 21:36 on the 4th July 1942. Mr Joyce is probably the last surviving person who was on the HMS London bridge that day.

The video describes his joining the Royal Navy, the Arctic Convoys, the order to scatter PQ17, Jo Stalin's lack of support, the dangers of having seaplanes on a cruiser, and visiting Murmansk.

Mr Joyce received several medals for his Arctic Convoy service including a Russian Ushakov medal in 2014.

After the Arctic Convoys HMS London went to Alexandria and served in the Indian Ocean.

Photo:HMS London ship's company

HMS London ship's company

From Mr Joyce's collection

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Mr Joyce's recalling his role and experience in the Royal Navy were good to hear, speaking myself as a former cold war warrior serving between 1976 and 1994 in the Royal Navy. 

By Christopher Davis
On 01/12/2015

It was great to see Mr Joyces memories of the artic convoys.  My great grandad was a CPO on the HMS London We have a copy of the same crew photo. and I can see him in crew photo. I wonder where the photo was taken.

By Peter Start
On 11/07/2016

My late father died March 2016 aged 92, served on HMS London as gunner - Anthony Taylor (Tony).

By Janet Foster
On 20/10/2017