Art and artists

We would be keen to take a digital image of any picture you may possess by these artists that relates to Benfleet, and indeed any artists not currently represented.  Equally , are you able to identify any of those in the "Unknown artists" section ?

Page link: Mary Bunce
Mary Bunce
Marine artist
Page link: Herbert Ivan Babbage
Herbert Ivan Babbage
A New Zealand artist
Page link: Alfred Bennett Bamford
Alfred Bennett Bamford
An Essex sketcher
Page link: William Bennewith
William Bennewith
Gifted amateur artist
Page link: May Bettany
May Bettany
Benfleet in black and white
Page link: May Bettany
May Bettany
Benfleet in Colour
Page link: Gladys Bingham
Gladys Bingham
A pre-war Carlton Studios illustrator
Page link: Louis Burleigh Bruhl
Louis Burleigh Bruhl
Prolific artist
Page link: Eric Challis
Eric Challis
A Southend artist
Page link: Hamilton Chapman
Hamilton Chapman
Artist Who Bridged The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries
Page link: C.W. Comerford
C.W. Comerford
Sketch in Essex Countryside
Page link: Albert James Connabeer
Albert James Connabeer
A painter and etcher
Page link: Francis Charles Coxon
Francis Charles Coxon
A mystery no longer
Page link: Vic Ellis
Vic Ellis
A talented marine artist
Page link: Joyce Frankson
Joyce Frankson
A Leigh artist
Page link: Robert Gallon
Robert Gallon
A landscape and coastal artist, whose work spanned two centuries
Page link: George William Hackshaw
George William Hackshaw
No longer a complete mystery
Page link: Elizabeth Hayklan (nee Cochrane)
Elizabeth Hayklan (nee Cochrane)
Artist with connections!
Page link: Doris Hearn
Doris Hearn
A local artist
Page link: W H Hill - Artist
W H Hill - Artist
A flock of sheep heading for Church Corner
Page link: G.E. Hobbs
G.E. Hobbs
Creekside view of Benfleet
Page link: Frank Hobden
Frank Hobden
A painter of national repute
Page link: Elizabeth Ireland
Elizabeth Ireland
New Contemporary Art 2013
Page link: H W King
H W King
Drawings of St Mary's Church in the 1840s
Page link: A.G. Langford
A.G. Langford
Pen and ink artist
Page link: Elsie P Langridge
Elsie P Langridge
The Life and Times of a Local Artist
Page link: Elsie P. Langridge R.D.S.
Elsie P. Langridge R.D.S.
An Inspirational Teacher
Page link: C. Lewis
C. Lewis
Benfleet cartoonist
Page link: Henry Martin Luyken
Henry Martin Luyken
The Architect artist
Page link: Will H Maile
Will H Maile
Resident of Benfleet
Page link: Will H. Maile
Will H. Maile
Local Artist
Page link: Henry Stacy Marks
Henry Stacy Marks
Sketches of Essex
Page link: Donald Maxwell
Donald Maxwell
Landscape artist
Page link: William Mecham
William Mecham
The lightning cartoonist
Page link: Tom Merry
Tom Merry
Pen name for William Mecham
Page link: Clifford G. Messiter
Clifford G. Messiter
Artist and graphic designer
Page link: Harold Mitchell
Harold Mitchell
Painter of Benfleet
Page link: Glyn H. Morgan
Glyn H. Morgan
Historian and illustrator
Page link: Laurie Newton
Laurie Newton
Leigh artist
Page link: Charles Archibald Nicholson
Charles Archibald Nicholson
Renowned church architect and local artist
Page link: A. Payne Esq
A. Payne Esq
Can you help?
Page link: Derek N Pegram
Derek N Pegram
An artist known for his limited editions of Essex scenes
Page link: H.J. Poole
H.J. Poole
Artist we know nothing about
Page link: Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp
Designer and illustrator for National Benzole
Page link: Paul Cranfield Smyth
Paul Cranfield Smyth
A prolific artist
Page link: John H (Jack) Seabrook
John H (Jack) Seabrook
Benfleet Artist and former Bank of England Messenger
Page link: Helen Stewart (nee Pickford)
Helen Stewart (nee Pickford)
Painting Benfleet in the 1940s
Page link: Iris Sugg
Iris Sugg
Paintings of Benfleet
Page link: Charles William Taylor
Charles William Taylor
Landscape engraver and watercolourist
Page link: Leonard Ward
Leonard Ward
A Sketch of the first UNICEF shop in Benfleet
Page link: Leonard Ward
Leonard Ward
South Benfleet 1929
Page link: Fred Whisstock
Fred Whisstock
Truly a renaissance man
Page link: Wigfull the artist
Wigfull the artist
An atmospheric and iconic image
Page link: S. Williams Esq
S. Williams Esq
Do you know anything about him?
Page link: Charles William Wyllie
Charles William Wyllie
Landscape and marine painter
Category link: Unknown Artists
Unknown Artists
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